• St Patricks Day Crystals for Good Luck and Abundance!

    17th Mar 2021

    St Patricks Day Crystals for Good Luck and Abundance!

    What a stroke of luck that you have come across this blog today of all days……..OR IS IT? The dictionary describes luck as “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than t…

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  • Crystals for Mother's Day

    13th Mar 2021

    Crystals for Mother's Day

            Its not breaking news to learn that our mothers (and fathers) play an incredibly important role in our lives which is why it’s so important to set aside time to cele…

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  • Aquamarine and Bloodstone for March

    4th Mar 2021

    Aquamarine and Bloodstone for March

      March is upon us, and what a busy month it is! The beginning of Spring, Mother’s Day and St Patricks day all rolled up into 31 scintillating days filled with the promise of a sunny…

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  • Amethyst for February

    12th Feb 2021

    Amethyst for February

      Our stone of the month is Amethyst, one of the most beautiful, loved and well used crystals within the mineral world, with some of the widest range of properties any stone has to offer!…

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  • Valentines Day

    5th Feb 2021

    Valentines Day

                  There’s nothing more effective in letting you know that time is passing by than when another Valentine’s day comes along to find you single…..again…

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