Beautiful Aquamarine Tumbles, 1 Piece

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Aquamarine Tumbles

♥ stone of courage and fortitude ♥ provides peace, tranquillity and serenity ♥ treatment for anxiety ♥ enhances communication skills ♥ improves creativity ♥
gives the strength one needs to take responsibility for themselves in life ♥ encourages clarity of thought ♥ encourages intellectual growth ♥ promotes logic ♥ encourages tolerance ♥ soothing stone ♥

⁂ throat ⁂ thyroid ⁂ liver ⁂ autoimmune disorders ⁂ allergies ⁂ immune system ⁂

Chakra: Throat, Heart

Good for: men who don`t know how to express their feelings, women in menopause (helps with hot flashes), those with strong temperament, artists, speakers, managers, leaders, especially recommended for students…


Average size 2-4 cm


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