Aura Howlite Sphere. A spiritually calming stone that increases the user’s patience, tranquility, and inner knowledge. 1 piece.

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Aura Howlite Sphere. 1 piece.

Weight 284-335g, Length 58.3-60.2mm. 

Howlite - healing properties:

Spiritual / Emotional: This mineral is extremely calming and an excellent antidote to insomnia ♥ Provides wisdom and insight ♥ Helps to formulate ambitions ♥ Aids in achieving physical and spiritual goals ♥ Exposes masks that certain people hide behind ♥ Stone of awareness ♥ Wisdom and enlightenment.

Physical / Psychological: Helps the ADD and ADHD mind to focus - also helps with the associated anxiety ♦ Helps genital herpes ♦ Warts ♦ Ulcerative conditions ♦ Hormonal imbalances ♦ Burns ♦ Restless leg syndrome.

Chakra: Crown.

Good for: Team members, sportsmen and women, dieters, those seeking an understanding of their higher power.

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