Astrophyllite polished crystal tower/wand, 1 piece

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Astrophyllite is a magical stone! It seems to be locked in darkness, but just one flash of light on it, and it will reveal its true face, by displaying sparkling "feathers". The "feathers", or "leaves" will surprise you with golden and blue hues! It is a solid and stable stone, strong like a bulldozer on a construction site. And just like a bulldozer helps to clear the site from rubbish and put it into order, Astrophyllite will clean your life.

Just as the beautiful inclusions light up the stone, the stone will bring light to your life. Astrophyllite will help you understand the purpose of existence, find simplicity, honesty and truth in life and enjoy small things. It is the right stone for those who look for harmony, and would like to live a purer life. This stone is also believed to make its owners sensitive to the needs of other people, and make them act to improve the collective well-being. 

Astrophyllite is a rare and highly desired mineral. Its availability is limited, as it is found only in a few places around the globe.

We have the pleasure to offer amazing, high quality, large Astrophyllite towers, on average measuring 8.5cm (3.34inch) and weighing 90g. You are buying 1 Astrophyllite polished tower.