Aquamarine in Matrix from Pakistan. Stone of courage and fortitude. Amazing crystal specimens.

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Aquamarine in Matrix from Pakistan

Stunning specimens.

Stone of courage and fortitude ♥ Provides peace, tranquillity and serenity ♥ Treatment for anxiety ♥ Enhances communication skills ♥ Improves creativity ♥ Gives the strength one needs to take responsibility for themselves in life ♥ Encourages clarity of thought ♥ Encourages intellectual growth ♥ Promotes logic ♥ Encourages tolerance ♥ A wonderful soothing stone.

Throat ♦ Thyroid ♦ Liver ♦ Autoimmune disorders ♦ Allergies ♦ Immune system.


A: Weight: 22g/ Length:4.2cm

B: Weight: 17g/ Length:4cm

C: Weight: 23g/ Length: 5.3cm


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