Amazonite Spheres. Large or small. 1 piece.

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Amazonite Spheres. Large or small. 1 piece.

L - Weight 30-39g, Length 28-30.7mm. 

S - Weight 15-21g, Length 22.2-23.7mm. 

Spiritual / Emotional: Protects from electromagnetic pollution (microwaves, cell phones, computers) ♥ Helps with non-verbal expression ♥ Soothes emotional trauma ♥ Stone of success and abundance ♥ Aids focus ♥ Brings good luck ♥ Balances Yin and Yang ♥ The stone of truth ♥ Brings courage.

Physical / Psychological: Heals throat problems ♦ Sinus infections ♦ Chest infections ♦ Lung ailments ♦ Cellular regeneration ♦ Gout ♦ Arthritis.

Chakra: Heart, Throat.

Good for: Speakers and politicians, lawyers, IT specialists, office workers, anyone hoping to get promoted, teachers, managers

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