Adjustable Bracelets. Silver/Gold plated. Tiger's Eye, Amethyst or Dalmatian Jasper. 1 piece.

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Adjustable Bracelets. Silver/Gold plated. Tiger's Eye, Amethyst or Dalmatian Jasper. 1 piece.

Weight 11-12g. 

Tiger's Eye - bead size approx. 6.1-6.5mm 

Amethyst - bead size approx. 6.4mm 

Dalmatian Jasper - bead size approx. 6.3-6.6mm 

Tiger's Eye - Healing properties:

Spiritual / Emotional: Builds confidence in thinking, action & speaking ♥ Known for bringing money ♥ Protection ♥ Supports one’s need for courage ♥ Helps one recognize both talents and faults ♥ Helps convert anxiety and fear into logical step based actions going forward ♥ Encourages confidence ♥ Helps to accomplish goals ♥ Draws helpful people towards the wearer.

Physical / Psychological: Analytical skills ♦ Cataracts ♦ Throat ♦ Depression ♦ Helps to alleviate nightmares ♦ Helps with asthma attacks ♦ Helps to lower blood pressure and avoid angina.

Chakra: Sacral, Root, Third Eye.

Good for: Being objective at work or in personal situations, dispelling fear in order to focus on the right path.

Amethyst - Healing properties:

Amethyst is one of the crystals with the widest range of properties! It supports overall health and can be used for almost anything.

Spiritual / Emotional: Protective stone ♥ Teaches how to access and follow intuition ♥ Helps to focus and facilitate the decision-making process ♥ Enhances memory and improves motivation ♥ Balances highs and lows and promotes emotional centering ♥ Relieves stress ♥ Aids selflessness ♥ Helps overcome addictions.

Physical / Psychological: Headaches ♦ Migraines ♦ Great for nightmares and supports good sleep ♦ Reduces eyestrain ♦ Balances hormone production ♦ Helps with swelling, injuries, burns and skin irritation ♦ Supports digestion.

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown.

Good for: All artists, diplomats, negotiators and businesspeople. Healing for gamblers, alcoholics, broken-hearted lovers, those fearing change. Students preparing for exams.

Dalmatian Jasper - Healing properties

Spiritual / Emotional: Dalmatian Jasper is said to bring childlike joy and a sense of playfulness into your life ♥ The black spots are Tourmaline which is a highly protective stone ♥ Spiritual grounding ♥ Psychic protection ♥ Excellent for the early stages of setting up a business ♥ Enhanced decision making ♥ Reclaim innocence of heart ♥ Strengthen and develop relationship ties.

Physical / Psychological: Calms nerves ♦ Beneficial to muscles, tendons, and cartilage ♦ Helps prevent strains and sprains ♦ Boosts the immune system ♦ Removes toxins ♦ Assists with bowel disorders, particularly IBS and constipation ♦ Useful for skin problems, especially allergic rashes.

Chakra: Sacral, Root.

Good for: Kindergarten and primary schoolteachers, child minders, carers, vets, pet store and doggy parlour workers.

Please note: You will receive one bracelet that will be similar to the ones photographed. Photos show typical quality. Each and every crystal is unique, so please expect variations in shape, size, colour and texture.

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1 Reviews

  • Posted by Sorcha on 16th Dec 2022


    Tiger's Eye adjustable bracelet

    Online order (with help from their wonderful staff over Instagram), braclet arrived and is stunning, better than I could have expected. The actual stones are smaller than on the regular bracelets so it looks more delicate. I'm thrilled ❤️